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SEO Experiment

SEO experiments and statistics of this do I dare not say that is 100% accurate, this experiment is a Home link 20, the Company alone, promotional messages, Policy Statement, Contact Us and accounted for four.

In other words, the Home link voting power of 20% waste, though important, is unlikely to search the page. The result? Use of nofollow how?

A main keyword ranking very upgrade
But a lot of long tail keyword ranking worse.
The entire site natural rankings and traffic have improved.
Also some with the status quo completely did not change.

Internet Marketing of human Lin Chenhan explain SEO Website weights Nofollow attribute, I first explain what is meant by Nofollow

nofollow is an attribute of the HTML used to notify the search engines "link point to a page not my best to control the content of comment.", or simply, the link is not "vote on the target sites or pages ", so search

The search engine will not re-visit this link.

This is used to reduce certain waste page on the original site, which can improve the quality of search results, and to prevent the spread of spam links.
Use as the link to add "rel =" nofollow "like the relationship between declared that I do not want to help this link points with the search engine!

1.nofollow used in internal links can really influence the rankings.
2 Results generated web site does have significantly improved the overall flow.

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